MandelBrowser 3.5

MandelBrowser is a simple, intuitive, and powerful Android fractal image generator.

The app allows you to easily navigate fractals with gestures (similar to Google Maps) and offers many ways to customize images: from changing color schemes to defining custom fractal formulas. That gives you almost limitless possibilities to create amazing pictures.

EPILEPSY WARNING: this app may produce flashing images.

NOTE: you are free to use the images and videos generated with the app for any purpose, this includes the app's built-in examples.

The app's features are briefly listed below.

70+ built-in fractal types: Mandelbrot Set, Burning Ship, Phoenix, Collatz, Newton, Nova, Lyapunov, Mandelbox, and many others.

High resolution rendering up to 8k UHD (6k on Android lower than 10).

Deep zoom (up to 1e+300) for 26 fractal types.

60+ built-in paint modes (patterns), including creating fractal images from photos.

Independent coloring of the fractal exterior (bailout area) and interior (lake area).

90+ built-in color palettes and the palette editor.

28 image filters including a kaleidoscope effect.

3D light effects using Blinn-Phong reflection model.

Optional supersampling to produce cleaner images (at the expense of slower rendering). The examples below have reduced resolution to better show the effect on individual pixels

Real-time zoom video and the Video creator.

Parametrization of fractals, paint modes, filters, and light effects with interactive parameter value change.

User-defined fractal types and paint modes.

Image rotation and stretching.

Julia mode (Julia set image for a fractal formula).

Saving and sharing images, your favorite spots, and user-defined content.

Built-in gallery with 700+ examples.

More examples on Instagram @mandelbrowser.

All the features are described in detail in the Tutorial which is also available within the app. The tutorial contains a short article Computing fractal images briefly discussing the techniques used by the app to render images.

MandelBrowser is a freemium app. You can support the project by unlocking the Premium mode (no ads, unlimited access to all content and features).

Please send your questions by email or by Instagram DM @mandelbrowser. Your comments and suggestions would be also greatly appreciated.

Tomasz Śmigielski