You can unlock the Premium version of the app using the Unlock Premium action from the action menu.

The Premium access is granted to the account, not the device. You can use it on any device with the same account.

The Premium version offers you the following features:

No ads.
Full screen with a translucent navigation bar (Android 5.0+) and using the camera cutout area (Android 9+).
Unlimited access to the built-in fractal types.
Unlimited access to the built-in paint modes.
Unlimited access to the built-in light modes.
Unlimited access to image filters.
Creating any number of custom fractal types and paint modes (limited to one custom fractal and one custom paint mode in the free version).
Julia mode for all fractal types that support it (available for only for Mandelbrot Set in the free version).
Rendering high resolution images up to 8K UHD (6K on Android versions earlier that 10).
Creating videos with resolutions up to 2160p (1080p on Android versions earlier than 7.0). NOTE: the resolution may be further limited by the capabilities of the device's embedded video codec.
Unlimited access to the Supersampling options.
Using the adjusting features of the color palette extractor.
Premium built-in spots in the gallery.
Transferring custom content to another device.

Thank you for supporting MandelBrowser.