Saving & sharing

Favorites and built-in examples

Use Add to Favorites option from the action menu to add the current spot to your favorites. Just enter a name and tap the OK button. The app will create a thumbnail for your spot using the current image.

Use the folder button to open the gallery with the last visited item selected.

Use tabs to switch between your favorite spots and built-in examples.

Use the sort button to sort items by name, fractal type, paint mode, palette, or image filter. When sorting by fractal type, you may choose the order: alphabetical or the order in which fractal types appear in their list (built-in first). The same goes for sorting by palette, paint mode, or image filter.

Every spot is described by a thumbnail, a name, and a description depending on the sort order (a fractal type name, a paint mode name, a palette name, or an image filter name). Spots using advanced features are labeled adv on the right.

Tap a spot to choose it.

Long press a spot to show its context menu and choose one of the available options:

View Choose the spot (the same as tapping it).
Zoom video Start real-time zoom video to the spot.
Share Share your favorite spot.
Rename Change the name of your favorite spot.
Replace with current Replace your favorite spot with the current image.
Delete Delete your favorite spot.

Sharing location

Use the Share Location option from the Action menu to share the current spot. You can also use the Share action from the context menu of the Favorites list to share your favorite spot.

If the location does not use user-defined conent (a custom fractal type, paint mode, or palette), the app will send the link. Open that link with the app to go straight to the spot.

If the location uses user-defined content, the app will send a text file containing the location and the necessary custom fractal type, paint modes, and palettes.

Sharing user-defined content

Use the Share action from the context menu of the custom Fractal types, Paint modes or Palettes list to share your custom content.

The app will send a text file containing the selected custom content.

Importing shared content from a file

Download the received file or save it to Drive. Then use the Import File option from the Action menu to import shared content from the file.

If the custom fractal type, paint mode, or palette read from the selected file already exists, it is not imported. The app compares the definitions, ignoring names and descriptions.

If the local custom content already contains another fractal type, paint mode, or a palette with the same name, the app changes the name, for example, 'My palette' is changed to 'My palette (2)'.

After reading the file, the app will list the new custom content and ask for confirmation.

If the file contains a location, the app will show it.

Saving and sharing images

Use Save Image option from the action menu to save the current image in the device's gallery.

Use the Share Image option to share the current image.

Saving or sharing is not possible when image rendering is not complete.

You may use the Settings / Image rendering Image resolution option to set custom image resolution (up to 4k in the Premium version). You may also use the Settings / Image rendering / Supersampling option to produce smoother image. These features can be helpful, if you want to export the image for use outside the app.

The image filename is MandelBrowser_<date_time>.png (eg. MandelBrowser_190731_181501.png).

NOTE: you are free to use the images generated with the app for any purpose, this includes the app's built-in examples.

Transferring custom content to another device

Use the Settings / Other / Save custom content option to save your favorite locations, custom fractal types, paint modes and palettes to a text file.

Once the file is ready, you will be asked where to save it. We recommend selecting Save to Drive to share the file with another device.

Then use the Settings / Other / Restore custom content option on another device to load the content from the file.

WARNING: the file content is not merged with the current device content. Instead, it just replaces is.

NOTE: transferring the thumbnail images for your custom fractal types and paint modes is not yet supported. The app's settings are also not transferred.