Show status bar

Use this setting to switch the status bar visibility on and off.

Show coordinates

Use this setting to display the current coordinates in the status bar. In the Deep zoom mode, only approximate coordinates will be displayed.

Show grid

Use this setting to display a grid that helps center the image.

Scrollbar orientation

Use this setting to set the scrollbar orientation.

You may choose from the following options: shorter device's edge, longer device's edge, always horizontal, always vertical.

When the device is used in landscape orientation, the app displays horizontal (or longer edge) scrollbar on the bottom and the buttons are moved to the side.

Left-handed layout

Use this setting to display vertical scrollbar on the left instead on the right. This also applies to the buttons moved to side when the scrollbar is on the bottom.

Advanced mode

Use this setting to switch the Advanced mode on and off.

Hide preview OK button

Use this setting to hide the OK button on the Advanced image control screen. You may simply tap the preview to confirm your changes, so this button is not necessary.


Palette adjusting

When this setting is switched on, the app automatically adjusts the palette length and offset after a paint mode change.

See the Adjust once option description in the Paint parameters section for more information.

Reset coordinates on parameter change

When this setting is switched on, the app automatically sets default coordinates and zoom after you change the value of the fractal parameter.

Thanks to this, you can avoid a blank image that can appear if the fractal with changed parameter will not have any details in the current coordinates and zoom. Instead, you will see the entire picture of the changed fractal.

Smart scrollbar switching

Use this setting to enable or disable the Smart scrollbar switching.

Interior stabilization

When this setting is switched on, the app automatically switches from the detail level control to the iteration limit control after you set interior paint mode.

See the Controlling iteration limit section for more details.

Back button navigates

Use this setting to customize the device's Back button action.

Disable messages

Use this setting to disable floating information messages displayed by the app. Those messages help you get familiar with the app but you may find that you no longer need it.

Admire mode

Use this setting to customize the Admire mode.


Auto-zoom speed

Use this setting to change the speed of real-time zoom videos.

You may choose a speed from x1.2s (which means that zoom is changed by 20% per second) to x6/s (really fast).

This setting is also applied to zooming-in by long-pressing the screen.

Auto guiding

When this setting is switched on, the app automatically adjusts coordinates during real-time zoom-in video to avoid areas without details. This is an experimental feature not working perfectly yet.

Touch to set center

When this setting is switched on, you may touch the screen during real-time zoom video to set the coordinates to that point.

Use stop button to stop auto zooming.

Aim sight

When this setting is switched on, the app displays an aim sight at the screen center during real-time zoom controlled by tilting the device. It can help you to choose where to move on.

Auto-zoom in on long-press

When this setting is switched on, you can zoom-in the image by long-pressing the screen. It was the built-in behavior prior to version 3.1, but is now disabled by default.

Hide controls

When this setting is switched on, the app automatically hides the buttons and the scrollbar during auto-zoom. It can be useful for video capture.

Image rendering

Image resolution

Use this setting to choose image resolution. You may choose from available options: 100% (full screen resolution), 50%, 33%, 25%, and a custom resolution.

Lower resolution increases computing time and saves the battery at the expense of lower quality.

Custom resolution

This setting is available when you set the Image resolution to Custom and allows you to set your custom image resolution in pixels.

Unlock Premium to set resolution up to 4k (4096px). In the apps' free version, the custom resolution is limited to the device's longer edge. On Android versions earlier than 7.0, the resolution is limited to 2k (or the device screen resolution if it is higher).

Setting resolution higher than the device's resolution may be useful when you want to use saved images outside the app.

At this time, rendering high-resolution images is an experimental feature. Memory management errors may occur especially if the device does not have at least 3GB of RAM. For maximum resolution 4096x4096, it is recommended to use a device with Android 9+ and 4GB of RAM.

After restarting, if the resolution is set to custom and image size (px number) is higher than 125% of full screen size (width * height), the app automatically changes the resolution 100% and the message is displayed.

WARNING: High resolution may significantly slow down image rendering.


Produce a smoother image by computing 8 samples per pixel at the expense of slower rendering (about 8 times) and increased battery consumption.

The image is supersampled before applying an image filter, so any glitches caused by the filter are not removed.

Supersampling is not applied when you navigate a fractal.

Iteration limit

Use this setting to change the maximum iteration count in the Advanced mode. See the Controlling iteration limit section for details.

Interior prediction

When this setting is switched on, the app optimizes image rendering performance by guessing fractal interior pixels basing on the pixel surrounding.

This optimization may produce some inaccuracy and can be done only when interior paint mode is set to Solid (which is always true in the Simple mode except for the Lyapunov fractals). It may be useful while rendering an image with a large interior area and with a high iteration limit.



Displays a short info about the app including the version number.

What's new

Displays a list of new features in subsequent versions of the app.

Save custom content

Save your favorite locations, custom fractal types, paint modes, and palettes to a text file.

Use it to backup or to transfer content to another device.

Restore custom content

Restore favorite locations, custom fractal types, paint modes, and palettes from a saved file.

WARNING: your current custom content WILL be deleted and replaced by the file content.

Restore default settings

Restore the app's default settings. All permanently dismissed dialog messages will be displayed again.

Show the intro again.

Your favorite locations and custom content WILL NOT be deleted.

Privacy policy

Displays the app's privacy policy.